Stefan Schicker | Rechtsberatung und Rechtsmanagement


Fusion legal services & IT

Discover my unique combination of many years of legal advice, curiosity and management experience! As a lawyer, investor and advisor, I offer you an invaluable advantage to successfully implement your business ideas. Let my unique expertise inspire you.

As a rare combination of long-standing legal advisor, inquisitive mind and experienced manager, I bring invaluable added value to help you successfully turn your business ideas into reality.

German language -Law, Law-IT and IT-German language translations are one of my specialities.

With many years of experience as a legal advisor, I have a sound understanding of the legal aspects and challenges facing businesses. I combine this valuable expertise with my curiosity and innovative spirit to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of the familiar.

As a management consultant, I stand by your side at eye level to implement your business ideas, identify opportunities and achieve your growth goals. My management experience enables me to support you in the strategic development of your business, implement efficient processes and put your company on the road to success.

Thanks to my unique expertise, which includes the combination of legal advice and management knowledge, you can be sure to receive unparalleled advice and support. My passion for innovation and ability to solve complex problems are key to your success.

Enrich your team with a partner who combines legal expertise and technical know-how as well as entrepreneurial thinking.