Stefan Schicker | Rechtsberatung und Rechtsmanagement


Investor advisor

Use my experience as an industry expert, lawyer, investor and business angel to support your business ideas. I understand and know the legal tech market, and I will support you with in-depth expertise and valuable insights into the German legal tech industry to help your project on its way to success.

As an experienced industry expert, investor and business angel, I specialise in helping start-ups and companies realise their visions.

Thanks to my extensive knowledge of the industry and my far-reaching network, I can provide you with valuable insights into market opportunities and trends. As an investor, I am available to review innovative business ideas and seek capital to support their growth.

In doing so, my experience paired with economic understanding will also help you if you want to invest in visionary models.

In addition, I offer my services as a business angel to assist you in the strategic development of your company. With my profound expertise and my many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, I support you in optimising your business models, identifying growth opportunities and solving complex challenges.

Furthermore, I am available as an advisor to support investors in their decisions. By carefully analysing investment opportunities, assessing risks and developing tailor-made investment strategies, I help you build high-yield portfolios and optimise your investments.