Stefan Schicker | Rechtsberatung und Rechtsmanagement


Speaker, lecturer

Experience gripping lectures and inspiring talks around innovation in the field of technology paired with legal insights! Book me as a renowned speaker and let captivating presentations take you into the world of the future.

As an experienced speaker, I offer you a unique opportunity to take your audience into the fascinating world of legal progress with captivating presentations.

With my in-depth knowledge of law and technology and my passion for innovation, I provide you with inspiring insights and practical examples of how you can use artificial intelligence and other modern technologies to take your business to the next level. My presentations are specifically designed to motivate you and your team to embrace change and integrate forward-thinking solutions into your daily work.

Whether as a keynote speaker at conferences, as an inspiring moderator, guest speaker at internal events or as an impulse generator for workshops – I am available to inspire your audience and leave a lasting impression. Book me for an inspiring speech and let’s set the course for an innovative and successful future together.

In addition, I take on teaching assignments in which I introduce the theory to the students with practical relevance.

  • Topics are (examples):
    • Understanding legal tech in practice
    • The future-proof law firm with legal innovation
    • AI as a model for the future
    • Mindset – staying calm in a fast-changing world.
    • Darknet – the dark side of the internet